code DK 021:2015 "Unified purchasing dictionary" - 30190000-7 - Miscellaneous office equipment and supplies (Stationery: File folders. Tie folders. Quick-stitch folders (cardboard). Mustache folders. Quick-stitch folders (plastic) .Pens with replaceable rod of increased volume (Black) Pens with replaceable rod of increased volume (Blue) Pens red.Pens blue.Pens black.Eraser.Staplers #24.Staplers #10.Stapler staples #10.Stapler staples no. 24. Correctors with a brush. Correctors with tape. PVA glue. Glue-pencil. Paper clips. Binders #25. Binders #51. Rulers. Adhesive tape wide. Adhesive tape. Adhesive tape in dispenser. HB pencils. 2B pencils. Sharpener. Yellow markers Orange markers Green markers Raspberry (pink) markers Blue markers Turquoise markers Non-sticky note paper Sticky edge note paper Plastic bookmarks Scissors Files Large hole punches Small hole punches Vertical trays Horizontal trays Cube for paper Plastic stand Metal stand Aleva Boxing for … More