44510000-8 Tools (Universal Set Of Keys Dnipro-M Ultra In A Case (6-34, 12-17 Mm) 24 Pcs., Set Of Tools Dnipro-M Ultra (112 Pcs), Pliers Dnipro-M Ultra 250 Mm, Set Hinged - Pliers Tool Dnipro-M Ultra, Set Of Screwdrivers Dnipro-M With Nozzles S2 44 Pcs., Spanner Wrench Dnipro-M Ultra 250 Mm, Set Of Drill Bits For Metal Dnipro-M P6M5K5 1-10 Mm 19 Pcs., Set Of Stepped Drills Dnipro- M 3 Pcs. (4-12Mm; 4-20Mm; 4-30Mm), Screwdriver Dnipro-M Phillips Phosphate. Tip Ph1 5X100, S2)