Dk 021:2015 – 30190000-7 Various Office Equipment And Supplies (Economix A4 70 Mm Gray File Folder E39721-10; Economix A4 50 Mm Gray File File E39720-10; Economix A4+ Document File 30 Μm. Gloss Texture (100 Pcs./Pack) E31106; Stapler "Axent" Exakt-2 Metal No. 24/6 25 Sheets. 4925; Staples No. 24/6 4Office 4-319 (1000 Pcs.); Oil Pen "Cello", "Maxriter" Blue (Analog); Envelope Folder A4 Transparent On The Button Economix, E31301 180 Micron Texture "Gloss" Color In Assortment; Paper Pad For Notes "Scroll" White. 85X85X400 Sheets Glued Industrial Packaging; A4 Paper Upm New Future Laser, 80 G/ M2, 500 Sheets; Paper Pad For Notes "Scroll" Classic 85X85X400 Sheets, Non-Glued, Industrial Offset Packaging; Oil Rod Cello Maxraiter Blue (Analogue); Ks Paper 48G-57Mm/12Mm Thermal (19M); Quick Stapler Layer A4 E31510-02 Europerf Blue Gloss; Unimax Top Tek Fusion 10 Km Ballpoint Pen 15Ux-10 000-02 Blue; Unimax 115 Ballpoint Rod, 0.7Mm 134Mm, Uxb-115-02 Blue (Toptek))