Acquisition Of:* Boxes Of Latex Gloves Size L*2 Hospital Gauzes*40 4-Inch Gauze Bandages*60 4-Inch Elastic Bandages*20 Venoclypses* 1 Box Of 5Cc Syringes*1 Box Of 3Cc Syringes* 1 Box Of 1Cc Syringes* 500Ml 20 Destrosa 5% Serum* 1000Ml 20 Harmant Serum* 2 Gallons Clinical Alcohol*48 Nylon Suture Thread 2/0* 48 Nylon Suture Thread 3/0*48 Nylon Suture Thread 4/0*4 Boxes Of Sterile Gauzes Of 4X4*15 Catheter #18*25 Catheter #20*15 Catheter #22*2 Gallons Of Liquid Clinical Soap* 30 Umbilical Hooks*1 Gallon Of Povidone*6 Bottles Of Lidocaine 2% ( 50Ml)*6 Pounds Of Cotton*15 Transparent Tape 1 Inch*1 Box Of Scalpel*1 Bottle Of Allergil In Syrup*1 Box Of Allergil In Capsule*3 Boxes Of Sudagrip In Capsule*4 Bottles Of Mentholin*1 Box Of Vitaflenaco In Tablet*4 Boxes Of Acetaminifen In Tablet*2 Bottles Of Large Cofal*1 Box Of Peptobismol In Tablet (EXPIRED)