Supply. Installation and Commissioning of Scientific Equipments Name of equipment item . (J) Plant Growth Chamber, Item no. (2) Multi Therm Shaker with heating and cooling, \'xr. . Ultrasonic Bath, Item no. (4) Portablc/Hand-held UV lamp, Item no. (5) Chiller. Item no Vacuum Evaporator with chiller. Item no.(7) Melting Point Apparatus, Item no. (8) Ana!>iical Ba-^xe, hem no. (9) Sample Concentrator, Item no. (10) High Speed Refrigerator Centrifuge, Item no Orbital Shaker Incubator, Item no. (12) Vacuum Spray Pyrolysis Automated Equipment, Item ... . Glove Box, Item no. (14) Rotary Evaporator, Item no. (15) Autoclave, Item no. (EXPIRED)