Purchase of a telecommunications gym for KMP in Lublin, KPP in Kraśnik - modernization object, PP in Trawniki - construction of a new one headquarters in a modular system, PP in Mełgwa - construction of a new one headquarters in a modular system, Modernization of systems protection of selected objects KWP in Lublin, Current renovation of selected objects KWP in Lublin with removal wall moisture, KPP Tomaszów - liquidation leaks and cracks, PP Tarnogród - replacement of the boiler gas, PP Łaszczów - replacement of the boiler oil with tanks, Adaptation of buildings for people with special needs in selected garrison units Lublin, KPP Krasnystaw - current repair of adapting the rooms to user needs, Demolition of PP buildings Dołhobyczów and PP Łaszczów, delivery of IT equipment, Purchase of a retransmission station, Purchase of network switches, Delivery of download packages genetic traces and packets forensics to securing traces of crime on sexual grounds, Supply of telescopes, binoculars prismatic, thermal and night vision devices for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Lublin, Supply of gas masks from combined filters for KWP w Lublin, Supply of office equipment for KWP in Lublin, Delivery of printed matter and forms business for KWP in Lublin, Delivery of unmanned ships air, Delivery of marking kits roadside checkpoints, and road spikes, Medical services (examination of persons detained and blood taken to research), Organization of seminars, conferences, training and study visits co-financed from EU funds, Purchase of accommodation service with feeding the policemen delegated to serve in seasonal outposts, Servicing, calibration and calibration of test equipment breath alcohol content air, Tires for company vehicles, Auto parts, Purchase of radiotelephones, Purchase of a content registration system correspondence, Purchase of batteries for the gym telecommunications, Purchase of IP phones, sequencer delivery, Delivery of accommodation equipment - veneer board office furniture for KWP in Lublin, Delivery of accommodation equipmentmetal equipment for KWP w Lublin, Delivery and installation of equipment quartering - safe modules for weapons storage for KWP w Lublin, Provision of services in the field occupational medicine for policemen and employees of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Lublin, OPP w Lublin, SPKP in Lublin, KMP/KPP Lublin Voivodeship and cells: CBŚP, BSWP and CBZC, (EXPIRED)