Renovation works of apartments in center in Świnoujście, Renovation of the fire detection system in warehouse no. 1 in Leśmierz, Modernization of the administration and technical building in Strzałków, Construction of loading docks - M10 warehouse in Komorów, Modernization of the M3 warehouse in Lesmierz, Modernization of the M4 warehouse in Lesmierz, Construction of the roofing of the ramps in between M3 and M4 warehouses in Leśmierz, Modernization of internal roads in Lubliniec, Thermal modernization of the M3 warehouse in Lubliniec, Modernization of the boiler house in Germany, Heating installation in warehouses M8, M9 and residential building in Germans Construction of loading docks - M1, M2, M3, M5, M9 warehouses w Germans Building an automatic system fire detection in M1-M9 warehouses in Germany, Separation of the fire zone in hotel and catering building in Konstancin-Jeziorna resort, cleaning products, Integrated multimedia system and teleconference, DLP system (preventive data leakage) Chemical supply - cleaning agents for RARS centres, Natural gas supply and service distribution services, Komorowo warehouse, Maintenance services in efficiency of air conditioning devices and refrigeration equipment (air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, cold stores) - Komorowo, Wąwał, Germany, Periodic services technical inspections of facilities in the warehouses, Maintenance services in electrical efficiency building installation, control measurements and maintenance in efficiency of transformer stations, protective measurements of installations, tools and electrical devices in depots, Maintenance services in efficiency of fire protection installations - Old Sącz, Strzałkowo, Komorowo, Wąwał, Disinfestation and deratization services - The Royal Tenement House, Komorowo, Wawał, Stary Sącz, Resko, Strzałkowo, Long-term rental of funds transport, Alarm monitoring services and intervention group responses depots and warehouses long-distance RARS, Signal monitoring services alarm, services in the field system maintenance anti-burglary protection, Delivery to agency stock summer motor gasoline in the amount of 29 000 m3 , server hardware, Delivery of modular houses in Ruciane-Nida resort, Maintenance services in efficiency of forklifts - Komorowo, the Royal House, Szepietowo, Lesmierz, Stary Sacz, Germany, Wawał, Lubliniec, Lisowice, Inventory warehousing service agency motor gasoline in amount of 81,000 m3 , Inventory warehousing service agency diesel fuel in amount of 36,000 m3, Internet access and television services , Company product maintenance services Cisco, For food/food service for the Center in Ruciane-Nida, For food/food service for the Center in Świnoujście, (EXPIRED)