30190000-7 Miscellaneous Office Equipment And Accessories (Purchase Of Stationery (A4 Paper (500 Sheets), Proofreader, Ballpoint Pen (Blue), Ballpoint Pen (Red), Ballpoint Pen (Black), Colored Markers, Simple Pencils, Pva Glue, Glue- Pencil, Stapler 24/6, Staples For Stapler 24/6 (Set), Staples For Stapler No. 10 (Set), Plastic Stapler, Folder With Files, Paper Folder With Ties, File Recorder (8 Cm), Personal Cases, Notebook (A4), Office Hole Punch, Buttons, Scissors (Large), Colored Paper, A4 File, Whatman Film For A4 Lamination, Paper Clips, Chalk White (100 Pcs), Narrow Tape, Double-Sided Tape, Paper Tape, Wide Tape Organizer For Folders, Stamp Ink, Ink Color Way For Epson (4 Pcs))