According To The Cpv Code According To Dk 021:2015 30190000-7: Office Equipment And Supplies, Various (Hole Hole Punch; Tape Wide; Tape Narrow; Tape (Adhesive Tape Blue, Yellow); Ballpoint Pen (Blue Color); Ballpoint Pen (Red Color); Pen Ballpoint Pen (Green Color); Ballpoint Pen (Black Color); Graphite Pencil Axent 9006-A, Hb.; Ruler; Large Staplers; Staples For Stapler No. 10/5 1000 Pcs.; Staples For Stapler No. 24/6-1000 Pcs. . In A Pack.; Eraser (Eraser); Paper Clips (Triangular), 100 Pcs.; Corrector (Pen).; Correction Tape 5 Mm*8 Mm; Marker (Thin Black) Cd/Dvd; Marker (Thin Red); Marker ( Thick, Black); Replaceable Pads For A Stamp; Replaceable Pads For A Desktop Stamp; Felt-Tip Pens (For Occupational Therapists) 12 Pcs.)