Device Pr 21-01, Fixing Bandage Flexible-50Cm Lancet On The Hand, Bandage Nester 5*10, Bandage Ster 5*10, Cotton Wool 50G Nester Hygiene Zigzag, Syringe One 20Ml 3-Component With Two Needles, Nester Inspection Gloves Nitrile Non-Powdered Textured , Syringe One 5Ml 3-Component With Two Needles (22*38Mm, 23*32Mm), Syringe One 2Ml 3-Component With Two Needles (23*32Mm, 24*25Mm), Splint Fixing Flexible-100Cm Lancet Per Leg, Marl Wipes 16Cm*14Cm 4 Layers No. 5, Intravenous Catheter 22, Intravenous Catheter 20, Intravenous Catheter 18, Wooden Ent Spatula, Cotton Swabs No. 100, Elastic Bandage 2.0M*8Cm, Nester Latex Gloves Non-Powdered (25 Pairs)