Dk 021:2015:33140000-3 "Medical Materials" (Bandage Medical Gauze N/St 7M*14Cm, Type 17 (Code Nc 024:2019:48125 - Gauze Roll, Non-Sterile); Medical Cotton Wool N/St 100 G (Code Nk 024:2019:58234- Cotton Tape); Medical Rubber Thimble (Code Nk 024:2019:11719- Thimble); Medical First Aid Dressing Package With 1 Pad (Code Nk 024:2019:34614- Antimicrobial Bandage); Medical Plaster 3*500 Cm Non-Woven Base (Code Nk 024:2019:34831 - Adhesive Plaster Hypoallergenic); 4-Layer Gauze Napkin 16*14 Cm No. 5, Sterile (Code Nk 024-2019: 48133- Gauze Napkin, Sterile); Plaster Tank. 1.9 Cm *7.2 Cm No. 100 (Code Nk 024:2019:44990-Adhesive Plaster For Superficial Wounds); Tourniquet Hemostatic Rubber Type Esmarch With A Button (Code Nk 024: 2019:35844-A Tourniquet For The Upper/Lower Limb, Reusable))