Purchase Of Toilet Materials For Stock In Central Warehouse:-50 Wicks For Mop-60 Boxes Of Toilet Paper (6 Rolls Each Box)-25 Gallons Of Azistin -10 Gallons Of Liquid Soap-45 Varied Environmental Bases-2 Bales Of Detergent (50 Lbs Each Bale)-1 Bale Of Small Garbage Bag-1 Metal Bar-5 Mops Of 1 Meter Long With Their Respective Sticks-22 Plastic Baskets To Carry Ase Supplies (Supermarket Basket)-1 Electrical Extension Of 50 Feet For Polisher-2 Large Extenders That Adapt To A Height Of 5 Meters-22 Brushes To Clean Keyboards-24 Glade Spare Parts-1 Mop Wringer More Info: Fmunoz@Inprema.Gob.Hn (EXPIRED)