The Secretary Of State For The Presidency/National 911 System Requests A Formal Quote For The Supply Of Cleaning And Cleaning Materials For The Offices Of The National Emergency System Nine, One, One (911)” Nationwide. The Materials Are Detailed Below Cleaning And Cleaning: No. Description Of Supplies Description Units 1 Toilet Paper Boxes 6X400 Mts 2954 Bags For Trash Paper (18X19) Packs Of 50 Units 2805 Bags For Barrel Trash (35X52) Packs Of 10 Units 2806 Liquid Soap For Hands Galon 707 Paste For Washing Dishes Unit 908 Soap For Washing Dishes 425 Grams 909 Environmental Spray 400 Ml 7010 Powder Detergent Pack Of 44 Pounds 811 Liquid Chlorine Gallons 7012 Bags For Medium Trash (24X32) Pack Of 50 Units 10013 Bar Soap 400 Grams 6014 Carpet/ Urinal Mat Unit 6015 Flannels For Cleaning Packages Of 30 Units 4016 Trash Collector Unit 1817 Conical Cup Package 4018 Pump For Toilets Unit 1819 Rubber Gloves For Cleaning Pairs 5020 Disinfectant For Floor Gallon 7021 Ins Ecticide Spray In Gallon Bottle 4022 Cleaning Liquid Anti- Sarro Gallon 2023 Hand Brushes For Washing Unit 3024 Complete Brooms Unit 4025 Potash 900Ml 2026 Complete Mop Unit 4027 Granulated Chlorine Bucket 45K 228 Complete Mopet Unit 1829 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket 18 Proposals Must Be Sent To The Following Offices Of The National Emergency System 911, Plant Low, Annex Administrative Building, El Ocotal Village, Comayagüela, M.D.C., Honduras, C.A.; With A Schedule Of 9:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M., Monday Through Friday. This Process May Be Examined In The Honduran State Contracting And Procurement Information System, "Honducompras" With File Number Cm-020-Sne911-2023. The Award Will Be Made To The Supplier That Presents The Most Economical Or Advantageous Offer As A Result Of The Objective Evaluation Of The Price And The Other Factors Provided For In Articles 51 And 52 Of The State Procurement Law. Queries Can Be Made To The Email: Enunez@911.Gob.Hn With A Copy To Comprasyadquisiciones911@Gmail.Com (EXPIRED)