Provision of Laundry,Hiring of Passenger Transport (Cars, Vans, Busses, ) ,Interior Cleaning & Services Motor Vehicle,Hiring of Construction Machinery/ Equipment (Backhoe, Dowser, Crane, Boom Trucks, Rollers, Low bed Trailers, Aerial Workshop, Flat form trucks,of Heavy Machinery & Equipment ,Engine Driven Breakers, Rammers, Tampers, Plate compactors, Concrete Mixer, Double Drum Roll, Low bed frock, Electric Breakers ,Bowser Tank Repairing, Picoting , Sandblasting, Painting (Capacity 6600 Liters, 13200 liters, 19800 liters, 26,400 liters),Repairing Machine Engine Components , Axles , Stub Axles,Repair Power Steering Box,Repairing Suspension Parts (Trunion Pin, Spring Sheet, Spring Bracket),Remembering Front & Rear Leaf Spring Sets and Fabricate Mudguard Rear Buffer (Metal) Fabricate Silencers , U Bar & L Bar (EXPIRED)