Mission: Valparaíso As A Territorial Entity Has The Mission Of Generating Conditions That Allow Achieving Higher Levels Of Development For Its Inhabitants, In This Sense, The Municipal Administration Must Provide Equal Opportunities So That The Different Communities Can Access Resources For The Co-Financing Of Plans, Programs And Projects Aimed At Solving Their Main Problems And Satisfying Their Immediate Needs. Likewise, By Constitutional Mandate, The Municipality Must Direct Social And Economic Development, Articulating With The Plans And Programs Designed By The State, In Addition, It Must Coordinate With Regional, National And International Institutions, Policies To Carry Out Effective And Efficient Management. . Vision: In 2024, The Municipality Of Valparaíso Will Be A Territory Where Peace And Peaceful Coexistence Predominate Among Its Residents. It Will Also Become An Opportunity For Its Inhabitants To Improve Their Living Conditions, Basing Its Development On Economic Activities. Legal, Sustainable And Environmentally Viable, So That In The Medium Term It Becomes An Important Source Of Food Production To Provide Food Security To The Department Of Caquetá