FORMAPROD Program/Vocational Training and Agricultural Productivity Improvement Programme (FORMAPROD)

General information

Organization name FORMAPROD Program/Vocational Training and Agricultural Productivity Improvement Programme (FORMAPROD)
Country of operations Madagascar
Description The goal of FORMAPROD is to contribute to an increase in the income of smallholder farmers through professional and vocational training, leading to higher productivity and improved marketing of agricultural products. The target group consists of 2.7 million households in 13 regions – a total of 7 million people, or 20 per cent of Madagascar's rural population. FORMAPROD specifically aims to support vulnerable groups, with special attention to uneducated youth and young women who are heads of household. The programme's three primary components include: Supporting the development and implementation of the National Strategy for Agricultural and Rural Training Operationalizing the regional system of rural and agricultural training, and ongoing vocational training, including the National Council for Agricultural and Rural Training Increasing agricultural productivity. FORMAPROD will work directly with IFAD-supported projects to identify and train young farmers, agricultural technicians and extension agents, and to support continuous vocational training in all 13 regions. For the other activities, especially investments to improve agricultural infrastructure, the programme will select 6 to 12 ‘production poles'. These catchment areas are to be defined by agro-climatic and socio-economic criteria, including population density and rural poverty.
Type of buyer Government Organization
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Primary contact information

Name Mr. Rasolofoarison Aly Fidisoavina
Title Procurement Assistant
Address 1st Floor, Building FOFIFA, Ampandrianomby - Antananarivo 101- MADAGASCAR, Antananarivo, 101
Phone +261 34 14 021 09

List of notices

Recrutement d’un(e) consultant(e) expert(e) international pour coordonner la réalisation de l’enquête pour l’évaluation des effets obtenus auprès des jeunes bénéficiaires des appuis du Programme FORMAPROD / Recruitment of an international expert consultant to coordinate the survey for the evaluation of the effects obtained among young beneficiaries of support from the FORMAPROD Program
Buyer : FORMAPROD Program/Vocational Training and Agricultural Productivity Improvement Programme (FORMAPROD)
Create/Change Date : 2022-04-29 00:00:00 Countries : [Madagascar]
Deadline : 2022-05-13 16:00:00 Type : Request for Expressions of Interest
Original Language : French
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