DAI - Taqarib-Libya Local Government & Civil Society Project

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Organization name DAI - Taqarib-Libya Local Government & Civil Society Project
Country of operations Libya
Description The Libya Local Governance and Civil Society (LGCS)/Taqarib Project activity will support the foundation of a more unified Libyan state by prioritizing local-level activities that foster stability and accountable governance while reinforcing positive linkages among the national government, subnational government administration, and citizens. LGCS/Taqarib works to increase the Libyan Government’s ability to deliver essential services and promote stability. It seeks to help citizens engage in public dialogue, prioritize resources, and develop initiatives to hold government accountable. To achieve these goals, LGCS will center its activities around four objectives: Strengthen the capacity of targeted municipal institutions to deliver services and be more responsive to citizen needs Empower Libyan citizens, civil society organizations, private sector, and other stakeholders with the skills and capability to advocate for government institutions to deliver on their mandates. Encourage coherence of national and subnational government policy, systems, and coordination through pilots advancing targeted policy reform. Strengthen national and subnational decentralization policies, systems, and, and coordination Inform Programming through a robust learning and analysis agenda
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Name Ms. Hiyam Ben Hamza
Title Procurement & Logestic Manager,
Address Ben Ashour street , Tripoli Libya,Tripoli
Phone +218 09138 34196
Email procurementlgcs@dai.com
Website https://www.dai.com/

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