BITC Garden for Agricultural Marketing LTD

General information

Organization name BITC Garden for Agricultural Marketing LTD
Country of operations Palestinian Territory
Description BITC Garden for Agricultural Marketing LTD is an agricultural company located in the West Bank, specialized in the manufacturing of prickled products. The company was founded by Kufr Dan Agricultural Cooperative Society in 2019 for enabling the local farmers to increase their annual production and improve their financial incomes. The company currently aims to develop the production technology and achieve competitive advantage in the Palestinian market while increasing employment opportunities for the local families.
Type of buyer Private Organization
Add notice status Can add notice
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Primary contact information

Name Mr. Zaid Qasrawi
Title Procurement Manager
Address Hebron, Palestine: Innovation Techno Park building. Ground floor, Office #1,Hebron
Phone +970-598366932 +970-22233222

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